In both the sawmill products, and the glued products program we use state of the art technologies.

Our sawmills use band saws technology that has the following characteristics:

  • it meets the requirement of sorting the wood lengthwise and maximizes the possibilities of an individual approach to every log,
  • after cutting off a board it is possible to adapt the further cutting to changes in quality of the newly uncovered sections of the wood,
  • it achieves ideal production results thanks to a combination of exact size and quality,
  • it allows for good financial optimization of the final product and elimination of the increased cost of the operation

Glued Products programme is a follow-up operation for our sawmill production, especially quarter-sawn and semi quarter-sawn timber (lamellas), which are manufactured from high quality large diameter logs.

Kiln dried and calibrated lamellas are optimalized - i.e. the defects are cut out and the remaining pieces are sorted according to quality. Short pieces ending in a “comb” or a line of “fingers” are glued and pressed together on a finger jointing line. Subsequently, the lamellas are planed and a layer of glue is applied on the surface. The lamellas are then pressed in a “wall” press forming a scantling made of several layers. We use only certified glues made by respected European manufacturers, all glues have a resistance class of D4 or higher